Risking for Jesus

Think on these words by Doc. Darrell Bock, “The world fights and worries about territory, power, and turf control, while God feeds the ravens, clothes the lilies, and gives splendor to the grass. He longs for disciples whose identity is so secure in God that they graciously and generously pursue kingdom values, honoring him by […]

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Divorce and Remarriage

For those who were not at our church service yesterday in place of a sermon we had a wedding ceremony of a couple that had previously been married, divorced, and yesterday were re-married after 5 years of being apart.  It was better than a sermon! We were watching a sermon! This is the GOSPEL lived out (i.e., […]

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Batman Shooting

When GOD wrote the 10 Commandments in the OT in Ex. 20, the reason there were 603 more laws on top of the 10 was partially for the purpose of giving people instructions about how to apply the 10 Commandments.  This can get really complicated and confusing, so when Jesus had a conversation with an […]

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Theology of Groaning

Dear Grace,   I have this book called “Jesus Driven Ministry” by Ajith Fernando (a contemporary of Ravi Zacharias), in it the author says churches ought to develop a “Theology of Groaning.”  We evangelicals often focus on growth, worship, and the power of God, but we rarely focus on another side of the Christian life […]

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Christians & Culture / Politics

So I was reading a commentary on Luke 12:1-12 (in which Jesus warned His disciples – and therefore was warning you and me – about hypocrisy, that God knows all, and that we will be held accountable to Him for living for Him and acknowledging Him vs. denying Jesus and the Holy Spirit for the […]

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Christian Pharisees

Greetings in the LORD,   I recently read an article concerning a “non-essential” topic for Christians that we sometimes debate or even divide about – I won’t mention the topic because it really is something that should not be made to be as divisive as some people make it, but the main point from the […]

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