Free Market of Ideas – Part 2

Now progressives will say our society has moved beyond the idea that marriage is only between a man and a woman to have children – to – the idea that love is all that matters. So for the progressive, their moral compass is the feeling of love.  But what about when you fall out of that feeling? AND is feelings the core of the definition of love? The English word for love has so many meaning based on the context: “I love my mom” or “I love my cat” or “I love my sister” or “I’m in love with my fiance” or “I love my wife” or “I love my best friend” or “I love tacos”!?

My point? Love means something different in every one of those circumstances.

In ancient languages there are multiple words for love, each with a different usage.  When we think of being “in love” the ancient Greeks would use the term Eros, from which we derive erotic.  This is the puppy-dog love, a sexual love, an infatuation, and this is very much feelings based.  Everyone who has ever felt this love has likely experienced this love consistently for about 12-18 months in a relationship, and after that the feeling is fleeting, and often less and less.  When a couple has been together for a couple years, they need to build their relationship on something more than Eros or their relationship will end.

Another word used by the Greeks is Stergo, which means a parent to child love.  This kind of bond I had with my mom was strong, which made it hard when she died.  A piece of me died with her and nothing can fill that void in the same way.  Similarly, I have this bond with each of my kids and it would make me want to die for them.  Stergo also makes me want to create the best home environment for them between myself and my wife so that my kids’ home-life is stable.  I want them to have what I never had as a kid; my greatest longing as a kid was for my mom and dad to be together and love each other.  If you love your kids, you will listen to me here and strive to work things through with the biological parent of your child.

The final two words in Greek for love are Agape and Phileo.  You have heard of the meaning of Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.  The idea is there is a unique love between brothers or sisters or best friends.  A camaraderie between people that is lighthearted and long suffering.

Agape is similar, and the best illustration is the definition given in the New Testament: love is patient, kind, it does not envy, or boast, it is not self-seeking, it keeps no record of wrongs, it does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth, it always protects, always trusts, always perseveres, love never fails.  An example Jesus gave was of someone laying down their life for a friend, this is true love.

Agape and Phileo are necessary for a marriage to work.  Agape, Phileo and Stergo are necessary for family to work.  And where these expressions of love exist, you find traditional marriage and family.  When Eros is the basis of marriage, you find chaos, brokenness, and hurting / angry children and parents.

Am I stating one morality is better than another? Yes.  Thus conservative-ism is the only actually loving solution to moral problems related to marriage, children, single-parenting, and family.

To put it simply, don’t have sex until you are married and only in marriage that can make a baby that is 100% both of yours.  And work to express Stergo, Agape, and Phileo in your family.

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Free market of ideas – Part 1

We live in a free market society, which includes a free market of ideas.  But there is an overt propagandizement by the powers that be to pressure everyone to conform (e.g., the public schools, businesses that are PC, the media, politicians on the left, etc.)  To put it bluntly the LGBTQ movement has become intolerant is is pushing conservatives into the closet.

First, what is a conservative? The word means “to conserve the principles and morals that built this society.”  To be progressive or liberal is to move beyond the past and be tolerant of “all” perspectives, morals, religions, and worldviews to develop a free and open society that will become a utopia.

Here is the fundamental problem, though, with the definitions of the above and the actual actions of the proponents of each view.  The progressive liberal left claims their tolerance will produce a utopia, but in following the progressive left, our society tolerates all different kinds of addictions, sex, relationships, perspectives on right and wrong, with the conclusion being increased pain, increased children without both a mom and a dad, increased masking of pain through addiction, etc., etc.

Example? Have you seen “House of Cards” with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright? My wife and I chose to stop watching the show because of how messed up it became.  It starts out with the new President (a Democrat) taking office.  The Democrat WHIP Underwood (Spacey) gets passed over for Secretary of State.  He is extremely annoyed since he helped the President become President, and so he manipulates everything behind the scenes to undermine the process of selection for the new Secretary of State and to get his own name behind an Education Bill that puts him in good favor with the President for future considerations as V.P.  Now the current V.P. is in poor relations with the President and Underwood manipulates things to make it worse and to eventually get the V.P. to run for Governor of his old state.  Now to do this, Underwood feeds information to a journalist to ruin people’s careers, especially a Jr. Senator from the V.P.’s home state, who was running for Governor.  The manipulation involves bribery, drugs, prostitution, adultery, etc., etc. and eventual murder of the Jr. Senator and journalist, all so Underwood can eventually become Vice President and then…….President.  It was an intriguing show until all the sex, drugs, and murder started happening.  My wife and I found ourselves consistently fast-forwarding and skipping scenes, but my heart was so troubled we just stopped watching.  I read up on the rest of the show to see what happened (hence learning about becoming V.P. and eventually the President).  This all made me think: (1) if this is actually what is going on in our culture, everything is upside-down and our system is truly a house of cards; and (2) watching shows like this increase the likelihood of imitating “art” – so stop and turn your attention to the Lord and His ways.

It is interesting the flag is upside-down in the image of the title of House of Cards.  Here is what I think that show is trying to communicate: we have a messed up world and most people live in that reality, manipulating and being manipulated, and everyone is trying to keep up a public image, ashamed about what happens in private, but as what happens in private becomes the norm people will celebrate it and shove conservatives into the closet.

As Spacey said in The Usual Suspects,

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

I believe this is what is happening in House of Cards and society at large, people see how messed up everything is but then accept it as normal.




About such politics and public opinion, Abraham Lincoln said,

“In this age, in this country, public sentiment is everything. With it, nothing can fail; against it, nothing can succeed. Whoever molds public sentiment goes deeper than who enacts statues, or pronounces judicial decisions.”


What I think Lincoln is saying is – as morality goes, so goes the nation; and that there is some good news, we can start a grassroots movement of change by conserving the principles this nation was founded on.


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The importance of prayer

Prayer is something we read about throughout the Bible, especially in the New Testament. We read about Jesus depending on direction from His Heavenly Father through prayer.  We read about the disciples coming together for prayer, seeking direction in how to lead the early church.  We read of Paul reminding churches to be constant in prayer.  Prayer seems to be the oxygen of the church, the word is the lifeblood, by faith we exercise in the two.

For a church to see the Spirit move like we read about in the New Testament requires individuals being in prayer, families being in prayer, Community Groups being in prayer, and the corporate body coming together in prayer.

We talk a lot about prayer, but how often do we do it? We take prayer requests and talk about what we are going to pray for and often run out of time to actually pray.  I was challenged today in an email to be fervent in prayer by simply praying, now.  And I felt compelled to pass this on to you.  So how do I pray? Just do it, start talking to God like you would anyone else.  Give Him reverece, for He is the Creator of the Universe.  Do it in Jesus’ name and by the power of the Spirit.  And invite the Spirit to speak to your heart.  Be humble through it all, your disposition and posture do make a difference.  And speaking outloud helps.  Plus confession removes anything that blocks your prayers.  And remember, God is there for you but He is not a genie in the sky, He can say no and often does because your character being shaped by relationship with Him is truly what God is after.