Recontextualizing Church: 

My experience with church over 35 years is this is a place to engage with God and a community to support one another.  But one aspect is generally missing in many churches, and that is a vibrant Spirit-led desire of the common person to be on mission to lead people to know Christ.  Often people […]

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Why get baptized?

“At what age should I baptize my son?” A woman asked about her seven year old.  To which the pastor responded, “When your son can make a credible confession of faith in Jesus Christ all on his own without coaching or help from you as a parent.”   This is a question many parents ask. […]

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Recontextualizing Church

Many churches do a good job of making converts, but if you were to listen to Gen Xers and Millennials you would hear the voice of those crying out for discipleship and authenticity in community.  People want relationship, and disciples are made through long term relationship. The problem I see in many attractional-event and program-driven […]

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A Call to Return to Church:

  I recently was at a graduation and the speaker, Senator Benjamin Sasse, talked about the uniqueness of congregational worship.  He explained that throughout human history, people have experienced neighborliness.  This is true of hunters and gatherers, farmers, and the transition to cities during the industrial age.  But we are experiencing, now, the displacement of […]

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The Elder-Pastor vision for Grace

Pastors Lucas and Jerry will be speaking on Sunday May 14th about the transition from Jerry’s leadership in Children’s Education to Lucas’ leadership as Family Pastor.  During this vision cast, some basics of a plan will be shared along with an expression of needs to fulfill this vision.  I look forward to hearing this vision, […]

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