Separation of Church & State

I read an article last week talking about the difference between Freedom of Worship and Freedom of Religion.   Freedom of Worship – means you have the right to worship who you believe to be god so long as you are tolerant of other people’s right to worship.   Freedom of Religion – means you […]

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Deny self and follow Jesus

What does it mean to deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Jesus (Luke 9:23)?   –          It means less sleep. –          It means more meaningful time with loved ones. –          It means seeking to understand before being understood. –          It means death to appetites. –          It means leaning on God’s grace. –          It […]

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Tech Communication

I was contemplating technology yesterday when I came home for lunch and my son (4 years old) was doing his “homework” on the computer.  The internet is a great tool and can be used for a lot of good, like teaching my son to read in a fun and systematic way.  So, on a daily […]

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