A Mini Revival Afoot

I believe a mini-revival is afoot at Grace Church Seattle.

How do I know? Well, there are signs.  I will not say what is happening or when or how, but simply share from two articles about how we know the Holy Spirit is at work.

First, you cannot tell if the Spirit is at work based on the external signs such as spiritual wonders, tongues, visions, etc.  Those all may be manifestations of God, but they can also be faked (they can be manifested by something other worldly that is spiritual but is not of the Holy Spirit).

So how can you know if the Spirit is moving? Joel Comiskey (in Spirit Filled Small Groups) states that the fruit of the Spirit will be evident: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control (Gal. 5:22-23).  The enemy will try to shut this down, but those with the Holy Spirit in them and by the power of Jesus’ name will not succumb to the devil’s scheming, but will be like a tree planted near water whose roots run deep and thus when the scorching desert wind blows, the leaves remain green and full of life (Jeremiah 17:7-8).

A second way we can know the Spirit is moving is based on Jonathan Edwards book about the 1742 Great Awakening The Distinguishing Marks of the Work of the Spirit of God.  Edwards points us to 1 John 4, and states there are five positive measures (or marks).  One, peoples love for Jesus will be elevated.  Two, the Holy Spirit will operate against sin and the work of the devil (i.e., conviction and repentance of sin).  Three, there will be a greater regard for the holy Scriptures.  Four, truth will be heard and resonate with those hearing from God.  Five, there will be an increased love for God and therefore our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

I am seeing increased love for Jesus in our church, increased repentance of sin, increased desire to read and know the Word of God, increased desire to know truth, and increased love for God and people.

A third way we can know the Holy Spirit is at work…there is a general feeling, a buzz, an excitement.

As your pastor, I felt the Lord lay this all on my heart to let you know what I am seeing. Again, I may be wrong, but don’t we all desire this to be truth?




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  1. This is the same sense I got from the church as well and one of the many reasons why I decided to become a member of Grace Church. There are alot of hearts on fire for Jesus and it is awesome to see that and to be a part of that. God has great plans for Grace.

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