Lossing a job for Jesus

This last Sunday I showed a video during the church service about a British couple who stood for Christian values in how they run their business, which resulted in a lawsuit.  They own a B&B and refused a double-bedded accommodation to a non-married couple based on biblical standards.  They were sued and lost and were going through the […]

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Apologetics and Reason

I am researching “logos” in 1 Peter 3:15 and I thought I would share what I have learned thus far – the Scripture says, “always be prepared to give a defense [apologetics] of the reason [logos] for the hope you have…” Logos = word = reason. I secular, classical Greek this meant – “…the activity […]

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North Korea is like Nero’s Rome

Lets get straight to it…the following article was shared by my wife on Facebook – http://misguidedchildren.com/foreign-affairs/2013/11/80-people-executed-in-north-korea – about 80 people who were executed in North Korea. As you read the article it says the North Korean government was cracking down on people for watching “pornography” videos from South Korea and for possessing Bibles.  As you read […]

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Beer & Hymns

I was on my way to church last Sunday listening to the radio.  On NPR they had a piece about “Mainline Denominations experiencing a significant drop-off in attendance in recent years” and what certain churches are doing about it to try to gain new members.  They talked about a Lutheran church that meets in a […]

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