The Priesthood of the Believer

I was reading in the book EVERYDAY Church by Steve Timmis and Tim Chester this past week and I was learning about the idea of the “Priesthood of the Believer” and how this is applied within the Church. When you think of a “Priest” what comes to mind? The Catholic Church? Mass? The Eucharist? The […]

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Shepherding Each Other

In the next few weeks during our church services and during Home Community time we will be learning how to shepherd each other.  What the heck does this mean and why do we need shepherding? Throughout Scripture the metaphor of a Shepherd is used of God and leadership guiding the church. [Ezekiel 34:4]“Those who are […]

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Spiritual Warfare

There is a spiritual battle for the souls of people taking place all around us every day. How do I know this? Because of what I have seen take place in churches over the last 16 years of my life.  Let me paint for you a hypothetical picture of what typically goes on in a […]

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