If I were the President…

As I was listening to the news this morning three topics were covered by NPR while I was driving in my car: (1) the retirement of the Pope and issues of immorality by Catholic priests; (2) the sequester and the potential of hundreds of thousands of government employees going on forced furlough; and (3) President […]

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How to be saved to heaven

Salvation is simple – Admit God exists and that you are not God. Admit God is holy and you fall short of His glory. Admit God has a plan to save you and that you cannot save yourself. Admit God’s plan is to save you through Jesus, who is God’s Son, who came to earth, […]

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Pope Benedict XVI Resigns

I am not a Catholic, but I was saddened to hear that Pope Benedict XVI resigned as leader of the Roman Catholic Church.  He was a champion of Orthodoxy and has had great courage to stand against the moral progressivism in order to maintain the teachings of Christ and His Church.  For this I consider […]

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Canon, Creed, and Clergy

A question many people have today is how the Scriptures came about? Why they were written? Why do we have creeds and orthodox beliefs? And why do we have a church organizational structure? I am teaching on this subject in my School of Theology class this Sunday before our worship service, and so I thought […]

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