If I were the President…

As I was listening to the news this morning three topics were covered by NPR while I was driving in my car: (1) the retirement of the Pope and issues of immorality by Catholic priests; (2) the sequester and the potential of hundreds of thousands of government employees going on forced furlough; and (3) President […]

How to be saved to heaven

Salvation is simple – Admit God exists and that you are not God. Admit God is holy and you fall short of His glory. Admit God has a plan to save you and that you cannot save yourself. Admit God’s plan is to save you through Jesus, who is God’s Son, who came to earth, […]

Pope Benedict XVI Resigns

I am not a Catholic, but I was saddened to hear that Pope Benedict XVI resigned as leader of the Roman Catholic Church.  He was a champion of Orthodoxy and has had great courage to stand against the moral progressivism in order to maintain the teachings of Christ and His Church.  For this I consider […]

Canon, Creed, and Clergy

A question many people have today is how the Scriptures came about? Why they were written? Why do we have creeds and orthodox beliefs? And why do we have a church organizational structure? I am teaching on this subject in my School of Theology class this Sunday before our worship service, and so I thought […]

How Paul Ministered & How Conversion Happens

I have been reading a fascinating book on Church History called “The Triumph of Christianity” by Rodney Stark. He is well researched and gives tremendous insights into the history and culture of the church, and especially the 1st century and how Christianity spread. The following gives us insight into the book of Acts and can […]