What is Lent?

I went to a pastor’s meeting in West Seattle yesterday and saw a smudge on the forehead of a fellow pastor and thought, “What the heck?” and then remembered it was Ash Wednesday. What is Lent? The word “Lent” comes from an old Anglo-Saxon word for springtime, lencten.  This describes the gradual lengthening of days […]

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Tongues, Prophecy, Communion

Let me tell you a story.  When I was growing up the primary religious influences in my life were my dad and the Palmer family. . My dad was Catholic and growing up with him, mass was a weekly (Sundays) if not a daily discipline.  I lamented going to church in the fall, especially when […]

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What is God’s will for me?

How does God speak? How does God reveal His will? What does divine will even mean? In reading the Old Testament I have contemplated how the infinite God of the universe who is Spirit communicates with finite humanity confined to the body each inhabits.  And so I opened Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem and turned […]

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Everyone wants to be known, and we want to be known for something great we have done.  The architect wants to be known for the building she constructed, the high school football coach wants to be known for the students’ he impacted and the lives he changed, the NBA superstar wants to be known for […]

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