What is God’s will for me?

How does God speak? How does God reveal His will? What does divine will even mean? In reading the Old Testament I have contemplated how the infinite God of the universe who is Spirit communicates with finite humanity confined to the body each inhabits.  And so I opened Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem and turned […]

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Everyone wants to be known, and we want to be known for something great we have done.  The architect wants to be known for the building she constructed, the high school football coach wants to be known for the students’ he impacted and the lives he changed, the NBA superstar wants to be known for […]

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Recontextualizing Church: 

My experience with church over 35 years is this is a place to engage with God and a community to support one another.  But one aspect is generally missing in many churches, and that is a vibrant Spirit-led desire of the common person to be on mission to lead people to know Christ.  Often people […]

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Why get baptized?

“At what age should I baptize my son?” A woman asked about her seven year old.  To which the pastor responded, “When your son can make a credible confession of faith in Jesus Christ all on his own without coaching or help from you as a parent.”   This is a question many parents ask. […]

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Recontextualizing Church

Many churches do a good job of making converts, but if you were to listen to Gen Xers and Millennials you would hear the voice of those crying out for discipleship and authenticity in community.  People want relationship, and disciples are made through long term relationship. The problem I see in many attractional-event and program-driven […]

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