Holy Spirit Filled Church

       I read an analogy of the Holy Spirit this week.  Sometimes we can try to direct the Holy Spirit where to go, but the Spirit is like the wind and will find a way around the obstacles we use to try to direct the Spirit.
       This is a good analogy.
        In 2 Peter 1:21, the Apostle speaks of the Prophets and the authors of the Bible being “carried along” (ESV) by the Holy Spirit (“moved by” in the NASB).  This phrase “carried along” in the original language alludes to wind filling the sails of a ship to carry it along on the open seas.  In other words this Scripture in 2 Peter is saying that the Prophets and authors of the Bible were filled with the Holy Spirit like a sail filled with the wind so that the Prophets and authors would speak and write what the Holy Spirit intended for them to communicate to guide and direct the people of God.
        In John 3, Jesus speaks of those born of the Spirit being directed by the wind where the wind blows.  This is a great analogy for the individual Christian, and it has a connotation for the church as well.  The Apostle Paul speaks of the Holy Spirit working in the church to give people various gifts of the Spirit so that the whole body is edified (Ephesians 4:11-16).  In other words, the gifts of the Spirit of God are not intended for only individual edification.  The gifts are intended for the whole body to benefit.
       As I was reading Tozer this week, he pointed to Paul’s teaching that a church is like a body.  And each body has its different parts (members).  And each member is a part of one body and needs the other parts of the body to work together and function as a body should.  Tozer went on to allude to the Spirit being like the nervous system connected to the Head (Jesus), which directs the different parts to work together in harmony for intended purposes of the Spirit of God.
        For example, just as your hands pick up a shovel and your feet and legs walk over to a pile of dirt, as the mind directs the body, the body obeys the mind and works together to shovel the dirt for a particular purpose.
        Now imagine if an individual part of the body had B.I.I.D. (Body Identity Integration Disorder) and communicated to the brain, “I am not a part of this body.”  What would happen? There are actual stories, for example, of people thinking their arm did not belong to them and so they sought for a doctor to amputate their arm.  Crazy, right?
        The idea of a Holy Spirit led New Testament community (i.e., a church) is to be Holy Spirit led, together.  And this requires the entire body to be plugged into Jesus and the Holy Spirit to hear what the Head of the Church, Jesus, is saying to the individual members through the Holy Spirit and to coordinate the efforts of the individual parts to work together as one.
        May this be what God creates among us, Christians worldwide, and especially in America, especially the Peugeot Sound Area.

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