Why we worship

I was reading this book called Total Church by Steve Timmis and Tim Chester. The book is challenging and helps the average person re-think why we do what we do. One of the challenges of the book this past week is about the mission of God (missio dei) and the mission of the church (missio ekklesia). The point made was,

“The New Testament speaks of church in two senses. First, the church is the heavenly congregation continually gathered around God’s throne. Second, it is local congregations showing the reality of that heavenly church. We each have a part to play in helping our local congregation model increasingly more that heavenly congregation. We do that by extending love and grace to one another and by reaching out to others with the gospel.” (Total Church, p. 104)

The conviction for me from this quote is worship is all about GOD, gathering people to lift up the name of the Tri-une GOD in praise. Since we will be worshiping eternally, it would make sense that we would get a taste of heaven together when we worship as a local church. This inspires me to long for worshiping together. I long to worship with you Sunday.  Merry Christmas



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