The Alt-Right is not Christian 

The leftist media is attacking Christians, wrongly. Case in point is the following article by NPR. It talks about White Nationalists coming out of the woods in Montana and moving to White Fish, MT. And the media wrongly associates White Nationalism with Christianity.
To explain the article, let me first define White Nationalism and the Alt-Right. White Nationalism is a step away from Neo-Nazism. The idea is European Culture is superior and is the basis of the founding principles of America. And more specifically that white culture can only be preserved by white people. It is essentially racism. And I STRONGLY CONDEMN this perspective. White Nationalism and the Alt-Right is NOT Christian. If you associate yourself with the Alt-Right and White Nationalism, you do not understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You do not understand that it is God’s vision to bring together people from every tribe, tongue, nation, and ethnic group to make a new, united people under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The Gospel does NOT exclude any race. The Gospel lifts up every race as equal. And the Gospel brings races together in unity.
Now, where the article goes wrong is the journalist Kirk Siegler says in a condescending tone, “Billboards are covered with the 10 Commandments instead of advertisements…and Christian radio floods the airwaves” as if Christians are associated with or responsible for the Alt-Right and White Nationalism.

Separate the two. Separate them. Christianity is not White Nationalism. This is the leftist media’s attempt to knock down Christians by confusing the matter, skewing truth, and associating (wrongly) Christians with evil.

[listen here – ]

What is happening here? The Left and Media hates the morality of Christians and the Bible. And therefore the Left becomes fascistic in its attempt to condemn Christians along with outlier groups (I.e., the Alt-Right and White Nationalism is not a large percentage). So if you are a Christian who thought that it was good to be Alt-Right and now realize being Alt-Right is just short of Nazism and White Nationalism, I implore you to repent, live the Gospel, and become a unifying force by being Jesus to the world.


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