Feeling Trumped?

Well, it’s officially been called, it’s almost midnight.  But this election is a shocker, if you’ve listened to the media.

I was watching CBS the whole time, they seemed beside themselves, disappointed, shocked, exacerbated, but their analysis (in my humble opinion) of why Trump won is wrong.  They claimed racism and backwards people coming out of the woodwork from back country America.  I disagree.  It was not racist people, but people who feel the left has morally hijacked our media, education system, children, college students, and almost our whole nation.  I think the enthusiasm for Trump is he possibly will reverse the immoral decisions made by the Supreme Court by electing Justices who are conservative.  

What does the future hold? Who knows.



One thought on “Feeling Trumped?

  1. We watched FOX coverage — another perspective: balanced, calm, accurate reporting! Thanking God, we shall see what happens! Martha & Warren H.

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