The Alt-Right is not Christian 

The leftist media is attacking Christians, wrongly. Case in point is the following article by NPR. It talks about White Nationalists coming out of the woods in Montana and moving to White Fish, MT. And the media wrongly associates White Nationalism with Christianity. To explain the article, let me first define White Nationalism and the […]

Feeling Trumped?

Well, it’s officially been called, it’s almost midnight.  But this election is a shocker, if you’ve listened to the media. I was watching CBS the whole time, they seemed beside themselves, disappointed, shocked, exacerbated, but their analysis (in my humble opinion) of why Trump won is wrong.  They claimed racism and backwards people coming out […]

As a Christian, who should I vote for, 2016?

Who should we vote for? In one sense, the answer is very complicated.  In another sense, the answer is straightforward.  I will begin with the straightforward answer and then get into the weeds if you choose to indulge. The Straightforward Answer: As Theologian Wayne Grudem has pointed out when both candidates are corrupt and morally […]