On God’s expectation of holiness 

God has a standard He has set of expectation for all human beings that is based on His level of holiness (Matthew 5:48; Romans 3:23).  He does not lower the standard so we can attain it, rather He provides a way for humans to live up to this standard in Christ.  The technical terms are justification and sanctification.

Justification means we are made holy and have a legal standing of sinless before God as He cancels our debt of sin by the cross of Christ.  By faith in what God did on the cross in Jesus, we are declared righteous.

Sanctification means the process of being made holy.  At the moment of justification, you immediately begin to see the affects of God replacing our desire to sin with the desire to please God and pursue holiness.  And the power to attain holiness is supplied by the Holy Spirit of God by the name of Jesus.

Does this mean you will be perfect like Jesus?

No, rather that the power is supplied by faith and we will feel convicted by the Spirit when we sin.  To be like Jesus is the standard, and to actually be like Him now requires walking by faith moment-by-moment, being filled with the Spirit and in the word and prayer to know what God calls you to do, and then you need to obey and do it.  This is the Christian life.



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