Free market of ideas – Part 1

We live in a free market society, which includes a free market of ideas.  But there is an overt propagandizement by the powers that be to pressure everyone to conform (e.g., the public schools, businesses that are PC, the media, politicians on the left, etc.)  To put it bluntly the LGBTQ movement has become intolerant is is pushing conservatives into the closet.

First, what is a conservative? The word means “to conserve the principles and morals that built this society.”  To be progressive or liberal is to move beyond the past and be tolerant of “all” perspectives, morals, religions, and worldviews to develop a free and open society that will become a utopia.

Here is the fundamental problem, though, with the definitions of the above and the actual actions of the proponents of each view.  The progressive liberal left claims their tolerance will produce a utopia, but in following the progressive left, our society tolerates all different kinds of addictions, sex, relationships, perspectives on right and wrong, with the conclusion being increased pain, increased children without both a mom and a dad, increased masking of pain through addiction, etc., etc.

Example? Have you seen “House of Cards” with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright? My wife and I chose to stop watching the show because of how messed up it became.  It starts out with the new President (a Democrat) taking office.  The Democrat WHIP Underwood (Spacey) gets passed over for Secretary of State.  He is extremely annoyed since he helped the President become President, and so he manipulates everything behind the scenes to undermine the process of selection for the new Secretary of State and to get his own name behind an Education Bill that puts him in good favor with the President for future considerations as V.P.  Now the current V.P. is in poor relations with the President and Underwood manipulates things to make it worse and to eventually get the V.P. to run for Governor of his old state.  Now to do this, Underwood feeds information to a journalist to ruin people’s careers, especially a Jr. Senator from the V.P.’s home state, who was running for Governor.  The manipulation involves bribery, drugs, prostitution, adultery, etc., etc. and eventual murder of the Jr. Senator and journalist, all so Underwood can eventually become Vice President and then…….President.  It was an intriguing show until all the sex, drugs, and murder started happening.  My wife and I found ourselves consistently fast-forwarding and skipping scenes, but my heart was so troubled we just stopped watching.  I read up on the rest of the show to see what happened (hence learning about becoming V.P. and eventually the President).  This all made me think: (1) if this is actually what is going on in our culture, everything is upside-down and our system is truly a house of cards; and (2) watching shows like this increase the likelihood of imitating “art” – so stop and turn your attention to the Lord and His ways.

It is interesting the flag is upside-down in the image of the title of House of Cards.  Here is what I think that show is trying to communicate: we have a messed up world and most people live in that reality, manipulating and being manipulated, and everyone is trying to keep up a public image, ashamed about what happens in private, but as what happens in private becomes the norm people will celebrate it and shove conservatives into the closet.

As Spacey said in The Usual Suspects,

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

I believe this is what is happening in House of Cards and society at large, people see how messed up everything is but then accept it as normal.




About such politics and public opinion, Abraham Lincoln said,

“In this age, in this country, public sentiment is everything. With it, nothing can fail; against it, nothing can succeed. Whoever molds public sentiment goes deeper than who enacts statues, or pronounces judicial decisions.”


What I think Lincoln is saying is – as morality goes, so goes the nation; and that there is some good news, we can start a grassroots movement of change by conserving the principles this nation was founded on.


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