The importance of prayer

Prayer is something we read about throughout the Bible, especially in the New Testament. We read about Jesus depending on direction from His Heavenly Father through prayer.  We read about the disciples coming together for prayer, seeking direction in how to lead the early church.  We read of Paul reminding churches to be constant in prayer.  Prayer seems to be the oxygen of the church, the word is the lifeblood, by faith we exercise in the two.

For a church to see the Spirit move like we read about in the New Testament requires individuals being in prayer, families being in prayer, Community Groups being in prayer, and the corporate body coming together in prayer.

We talk a lot about prayer, but how often do we do it? We take prayer requests and talk about what we are going to pray for and often run out of time to actually pray.  I was challenged today in an email to be fervent in prayer by simply praying, now.  And I felt compelled to pass this on to you.  So how do I pray? Just do it, start talking to God like you would anyone else.  Give Him reverece, for He is the Creator of the Universe.  Do it in Jesus’ name and by the power of the Spirit.  And invite the Spirit to speak to your heart.  Be humble through it all, your disposition and posture do make a difference.  And speaking outloud helps.  Plus confession removes anything that blocks your prayers.  And remember, God is there for you but He is not a genie in the sky, He can say no and often does because your character being shaped by relationship with Him is truly what God is after.





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