God & time

Recently I read a post that said God is constrained by time and it is unbiblical to to assert He is before or outside of time.

Let’s examine this:

(1) What about prophecy? How can God have given visions to Daniel or words to Isaiah that came true in Jesus unless God sees the future? Or how can God speak of foreknowledge (Romans 8) or having written every day of David’s life in a book before one of them came to be (Psalm 139)? Not to mention Jesus’ prediction of His resurrection (Matthew 24) or prophecy about end times, much of which has come true (also Matthew 24).

(2) What about logic? The Bible says God is all powerful, the creator of all things, and the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.  So if God is such, then how could He create something that constrains Him.

Would God create a rock to big for Himself to lift?

If so, He is not all powerful.

Basic logic suggests God can do anything that is consistent with His character.  It is not in His character to create something more powerful than Himself.

How does this relate to time?

If time was not created by God, He is not creator of all things (unless time is a part of His character).  If time was created by God, and if He is constrained by it, then He created a box for Himself that limits God’s power.

(3) What about tradition? Historically Christian and Hebrew theologians have viewed time as something God created.  Therefore, God is outside of time and knows the beginning from the end and can give prophetic visions and sayings to the prophets and biblical authors.

Theologians state God can know everything that has, is, and will occur because of His Trascendance (meaning He is above and outside the knowability of human beings).  Think of it this way, we exist in a timeline.  God exists outside the timeline.  Just like when you get into a helicopter and rise above the earth to see what is happening on a street below, so also God can see all things being above and outside our realm of existence.

(4) What about your experience? When I go through life I experience events and relationships as they happen.  So also God experiences events as they happen, this is called the Immenance of God.  But at the same time He is Transcendent.

So in conclusion, it seems most reasonable that God created time and exists outside and inside time at the same time.

Blows your mind, doesn’t it!



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