Christianity is an Education

What is School of Theology and why should you take a class?
School of Theology has the purpose of equipping you to spiritually feed yourself and make disciples (example: your kids, your friends, people in ministry, etc.)
We all are called to partake in ministry (Ephesians 4:11-17), which requires you to focus on: head, heart, and hands.
Head: It says in Romans 12:2 – “…be transformed in the renewing of your mind…” so that you know God’s will.
It also says in Ephesians 4:11-17 that church is about “…equipping…” which involves head knowledge to help you grow in the Lord and learn to minister to each other making disciples.
You might feel intimidated in learning, but Christianity is an education.
You can’t grow as a Christian if you do not focus on educating your mind.
Heart: It says in Mark 12:29-31 that we are to “…love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength…” – in other words with our entire being.
We feel close to God when our hearts are inclined toward his.  Yesterday morning before coming to church I got up at 5:30am and a song was ringing in my head from the movie Percy Jackson (a Greek Mythology movie set in modern times).  It was from the scene where Percy and his friends were in the Lotus Casino eating the lotus cookies, which dulled their senses and distracted them from their mission.  So as I woke up to get ready for worship, the song from that scene kept going over and over in my head and my heart felt distant from God.  I remembered back to when I was 14 years old and in love with God, and how songs from youth group would be going over and over in my head and how it made me feel.  So to get the Percy Jackson song out of my head I started singing an old youth group song in the shower –
“Oh God you are my God, and I will every praise you.  And I will seek you in the morning, and learn to walk in your ways.  And step-by-step you lead me, and I will follow you all of my days.”
As I would sing those lyrics out loud, the other song would fade and I would begin to feel close to God.  But as soon as I would stop singing those lyrics, the Percy Jackson song would come back.  I persisted, and my wife said, “Quiet, I’m trying to sleep.”  So I kissed her and went to Starbucks and meditated on loving God with my heart as I sang that song.
Hands: It says in Mark 12:29-31 that we are also to “…love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, and love our neighbor as ourselves.”
Loving God with our strength means actions.  And actions of love are in what we do and how we love our neighbor (example: wife, husband, kids, parents, boss, co-workers, church congregants, neighbors, strangers, etc.)
A well rounded and mature Christian loves God with head, heart, and hands.
School of Theology is designed to help you focus on the head knowledge to guide you in how to love God and people with your hands.  The worship service is designed to prick the heart to help you passionately love God and know Him and do something about it.
Jesus basically said THE Commandment is loving God with head, heart and hands.  And this is something developed, we are not born with this.  And this is something we should re-order our lives around, hence the importance of church community and our emphasis on Sundays (SS, School of Theology and worship), Wednesdays (children’s and youth ministry and School of Theology), and Home Communities (during which we put this into practice in more intimate settings).

And so the following are classes help you develop your head knowledge and what to do with it (please email me if you will be taking a class).

Sunday School of Theology Classes: starting this Sunday…
  1. The Master Plan of Evangelism: how to evangelize, apologetics, etc.
  2. Real Life Discipleship: How to make disciples (of your kids, friends, in church, in community, mentoring, in small groups, etc.)
Wednesday School of Theology Classes: starting Wednesdays January 21st…
  1. Live: Foundations of Christianity #1 (plus an introduction to Grace Church)
  2. Encounter:  Foundations of Christianity #2



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