Lossing a job for Jesus

This last Sunday I showed a video during the church service about a British couple who stood for Christian values in how they run their business, which resulted in a lawsuit.  They own a B&B and refused a double-bedded accommodation to a non-married couple based on biblical standards.  They were sued and lost and were going through the appeals process.  I showed the video because of how the woman, Hazelmary, responded in a television interview to the question about why they would not allow the couple to stay at their B&B (she seemed to be a master of living out 1 Peter 3:15 – making a defense and giving reason for her hope / faith in decision making); Hazelmary was asked,

“Why would you refuse? Surely God is a loving God, a tolerant God?”

To which she said, “It is a myth to believe this entirely.  God is a longsuffering God but not entirely tolerant, there are examples in Scripture of times when He does bring judgment.” 

That is a paraphrase…watch the video and learn from her how to lovingly and gently do apologetics:


My other favorite comment is when she said our faith does not end at the kitchen door.  Christians, we can learn from this for she is living biblical Christianity.

Today the decision of the court was upheld in the Supreme Court and Peter and Hazelmary Bull will go out of business for Jesus.




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