Apologetics and Reason

I am researching “logos” in 1 Peter 3:15 and I thought I would share what I have learned thus far – the Scripture says, “always be prepared to give a defense [apologetics] of the reason [logos] for the hope you have…”

Logos = word = reason.

I secular, classical Greek this meant – “…the activity of collecting, carefully selecting, cataloguing in succession, and arranging  together in an orderly sequence.”


“This was an intellectual movement which stirred Greek society at all levels, and can be characterized by the following view-points:(i) reflection is directed towards man and towards the relationship between the individual and society; (ii) knowledge of the necessity, but also the possibility, of educating people to play a sensible part in political life; (iii) the conviction that the logos, discourse – accomplished by elucidation and criticism of poets (especially Homer) – made this possible.” (Colin Brown, Ed., The New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology: Vol. 3, p. 1082).

What I am understanding from this article (pp. 1081-1087) is that people were encouraged then, to think, research, and critically analyze and engage in dialogue about ideas related to society, politics, and philosophy / religion.

For the Christian, Peter is calling us to engage the world in this way.

For the Christian, this means less entertainment, more research, more reflection, more thinking, more engaging in dialogue, and educating yourself how to present your argument well with the reminder from 1 Peter 3:16 that we are to do this with gentleness and respect.



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