Homosexuality and the Bible

Dear Christian,

My motivation in writing the blog and sharing with you Wayne Grudem’s article on the Bible and Homosexuality is so that you as a Christian know what the Bible teaches and so that your thinking and actions will line up with what Jesus absolutely expects of you if you call yourself a Christ-follower.

In America there are many who call themselves Christian who do not believe what the Bible says (e.g., 70% of Millennials born after 1980 affirm same sex marriage). There are many more who call themselves Christian and do not practice biblical morality and ethics by following Jesus as the example. We are not just talking about the major sins, but all types of sins including attitudes of an unloving heart for which many of us need to repent.

The following article by Wayne Grudem teaches us what the Bible actually says about homosexuality and marriage. This article also outlines for us how we as Christians are to engage people in conversation and attitude of the heart as we stand for Christ. I hope the following is informative and transforming – http://www.worldmag.com/2013/04/the_bible_and_homosexuality



One thought on “Homosexuality and the Bible

  1. What would you suggest the “Christian” response should be? How would you treat a same sex couple who wanted to attend your church?

    And, how are you definging “major” sins?

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