How to be saved to heaven

Salvation is simple –

  1. Admit God exists and that you are not God.
  2. Admit God is holy and you fall short of His glory.
  3. Admit God has a plan to save you and that you cannot save yourself.
  4. Admit God’s plan is to save you through Jesus, who is God’s Son, who came to earth, showed us how to live (as recorded in the gospels) and then died on the cross an innocent death for the purpose of your sins being transferred to Jesus so that God could punish your sin and then Jesus’ righteousness will be applied to you so that you will be innocent in God’s eyes and be saved.  His resurrection is evidence that this transfer really happens and that He is God’s Son.
  5. It all begins with admitting the above and asking Jesus to save you.
  6. After praying to receive Jesus as savior, make Him your Lord by reading the New Testament and doing what it tells you to do.
  7. Also, going to a good church helps, along with Baptism as a public declaration of your faith.



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