Election Results & Our Response

To all Christians – this election outcome gives us an opportunity now to live out of our principles based in Scripture and show that we are Christians by our lifestyle and with our words.  May we follow all of Jesus values: to love God with our entire being, to care for the poor, to love our neighbor as ourselves, to guard our eyes from covetousness and greed and lust, to be faithful to our God, to be faithful to our spouses, to protect our children, to teach them to love, to teach them to discern truth from error, to pray, to seek the Spirit’s guiding voice, to love those who do not love us, to turn the other cheek, to not cast judgment, to judge between ideas and potential consequences, to build our Christian communities based on these principles, and to be a beacon of light and salt that preserves.
May God the Father be praised through Jesus His Only Son, and may the Spirit bring praise to Jesus through Christians as we live and believe rightly.  Amen.

2 thoughts on “Election Results & Our Response

  1. Well put, Ryan. I’d just add that we should pray for our president and all who serve us in government. They have many important decisions to make. And even though we might not agree with all of their choices, there will be many we can support wholeheartedly. – Gary Hotchkiss

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