The Election

As you know the election is coming up and there are a few things on the ballot we as Christians need to be aware of and there are Scriptures that should shape our Worldview and thus direct us in how to vote on these issues.  The two issues are R74 and Initiative 502.  In this Pastor Chat I will explain the Scriptures related to these issues and point you to a couple very well done videos that should watch.


First, about R74 and affirming gay marriage: (1) if you vote to approve R74, you will be voting to redefine the definition of marriage to include same-sex marriage; and (2) if you vote to reject R74, you will be voting to not re-define marriage and that marriage should remain between a man and a woman.


Biblically, Jesus said marriage is between a man and a woman (Matthew 19:4-5).  Jesus said this goes back to the beginning when God created male and female (Genesis 1:27) for the purpose of propagation and companionship.  Jesus also stated in Matthew 19 (in reference to Genesis 2:24-25) that God instituted marriage from the beginning as the joining together of a man and a woman.


Logically, the best case made for natural, man-woman marriage being what is best for society is found in this video –


What you need to realize is that if R74 is approved by our voters in this election, same-sex marriage will be taught as normal within the school system and the following may happen in our state, in our city, or even among parents and children within our church community –


Now, biblically we are called to love all people (Mark 12:31), but this does not mean we lay aside our Christian values at the polls, especially when our Christian values have a positive benefit to society.


The second issue is Initiative 502 – the legalization of marijuana: (1) if you vote to approve I-502, you will be voting to legalize pot in our state; and (2) if you vote to disapprove I-502, you will be voting to keep pot illegal.


Biblically, we are not to be controlled by a substance (Eph. 5:18), rather we are to be filled with the Holy Spirit of God.


Logically, there are devastating effects of smoking pot for families and individuals, including health risks, risks to unborn children, and risks associated with being high and driving or operating equipment, plus a person’s job can be affected by continued pot use.  The above does not benefit individuals or society.


Proponents say that by legalizing pot this will create revenue for our state, for our schools, and will increase the productivity of our police force as they go after violent criminals.


The down side that I see is that more people will have access to this drug and that this drug will create more problems for the police force.  Plus, pot is a kind of a gateway drug to other, harder drugs.  I have heard that candy companies are talking about putting pot into various forms, including Jolly Ranchers; think about the temptation associated with this for all ages.  I know there would be an age limit (no legal purchase under the age of 21), but people often find a way to get around this law.


Conclusion – I believe biblically, if you are voting, there is a clear biblical Worldview that should shape not only how we vote on these matters, but how we engage our friends within our spheres of influence concerning these topics in the weeks, months, and years to come.  May we: (1) be true friends to those who agree or disagree with us; (2) may we make Jesus the #1 issues we discuss (because R74 and I-502 are secondary issue); and (3) by our love for the Lord and the resulting behavior, may this be the reason people are drawn to Christ in us, who ultimately is the only One who can change hearts.





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