Authentic Community


Francis Schaeffer wrote: “There is a tradition (it is not in the Bible) that the world said about the Christians in the early church, ‘Behold, how they love each other.’  As we read Acts and the epistles, we realize that these early Christians were really struggling for a practicing community.  We realize that one of the marks of the early church was a real community, a community that reached down all the way to their care for each other in their material needs.”


Schaeffer, in writing about the Christian community, coined a phrase – The Beauty of Human Relationships.  He used this phrase to summarize the quote above.  Essentially he was describing what it looks like, feels like, smells like and costs, in practical terms, for the church to be in fellowship with one another.  We read about this fellowship among Jesus’ immediate followers called the disciples in the Gospel accounts.  We read about the early church “devoting themselves” to be “members of one another” in community (Acts 2:42 & Rom. 12:5).  We read about this koinania [Greek for fellowship] in Church History books.  We read about this sacrifical living in modern books like “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan.


I believe it is through living this crazy type love that we will earn the respect of the next generation of this skeptical world.  May we, at Grace Church, strive to become a practicing community that lives out of an authentic faith to build a real community like what we read about in books and Scripture.


May we be an Authentic Christ-centered Community.




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