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So I was reading a commentary on Luke 12:1-12 (in which Jesus warned His disciples – and therefore was warning you and me – about hypocrisy, that God knows all, and that we will be held accountable to Him for living for Him and acknowledging Him vs. denying Jesus and the Holy Spirit for the sake of our reputation to please men) and I ran across two quotes that sank deep into my soul that I wanted to share with you:

“When Christianity was made the official religion in Rome in the fourth century, the church became socially and politically acceptable. People with halfhearted faith flocked to churches that could no longer disciple them.  Soon the word ‘Christian’ became meaningless.  And when the empire that sanctioned it collapsed, the church nearly went down too.

“In the Middle Ages, the unholy alliance of church and state resulted in bloody crusades and scandalous inquisitions.  And in our own day, one of the most inglorious examples can be found in the church’s failure to stand solidly against Hitler in Germany during the 1930s.

“The church must stand apart from the state.  Independence from culture is what gives the church its reforming capacity and enables it to point society toward the truth.  The church must be free to address issues biblically across the spectrum and to speak prophetically, regardless of who is in power.

“Ironically, political flirtations and alliances have threatened the church’s independence in the West even more than the direct oppression of the Communists in the East.” – Chuck Colson, The Body. P. 239

This is a great quote that gives us insight into history and politics in our modern era, especially during an election year.  Regardless of your political views I want to remind you that we, as Christians, are called to stand for Christ and His GOSPEL, first and foremost.  We are also called to stand for Jesus’ values, which should inform how we engage culture.  This leads to the second quote…

“It’s time for lambs to roar.

“What I am calling for is a radically different way of thinking about our world. Instead of running from it, we need to rush into it. And instead of just hanging around the fringes of our culture, we need to be right smack dab in the middle of it.

“Why not believe that one day the most critically acclaimed director in Hollywood could be an active Christian layman in his church? Why not hope that a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting could go to a Christian journalist on staff at a major daily newspaper? Is it really too much of a stretch to think that a major exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art could feature the works of an artist on staff at one of our fine Christian colleges? Am I out of my mind to suggest that our son or daughter could be the principle [sic] dancer for the Joffrey Ballet Company, leading weekly Bible study for other dancers in what was once considered a profession that was morally bankrupt?

“The best way to testimony is through credible engagement from within our vocational call.” – Bob Briner, Roaring Lambs. P. 31

Consider this question – are we more afraid of people or of God?

If one’s answer to the question is people, then all we will do in life will conform to what we think people want to see and hear so that they will praise or approve of us.

If one’s answer to the question is God, then we will consider every action through the lens of the Scriptures and we will even dare to dream big for His glory.

May we as Christians not sit back and fearfully watch, rather may we jump in with both feet with a Holy Spirit splash going wherever the wind blows (John 3:8).



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